Chemistry Diagnostic Test Information

The Chemistry Diagnostic Test is unavailable at this time due to changes in Chemistry 1A course name and prerequisites. Please read the following information.


Starting Fall 2020, the first semester of general chemistry is being split into separate courses. Formerly known as CHEM 1A: General Chemistry, the course will be split into CHEM 3A (lecture) and CHEM 3AL (lab), however concurrent enrollment is required for both on the first attempt. The pre-requisite for the new CHEM 3A reads:

“Course Completion or Concurrent Enrollment in CHEM 3AL; AND Course Completion of CHEM 42, or one year of high school chemistry taken within the last five years with a grade of B or higher; AND Course Completion of MATH 154 or MATH 155 or MATH 156 or higher (MATH) or appropriate placement based on AB705 mandates.”


If you wish to take CHEM3A/3AL in the fall semester or beyond, but do not meet the prerequisites, you can submit a Prerequisite/Corequisite Challenge form online through the Admissions and Records website. This process does not guarantee that you will be approved to enroll in CHEM 3A/3AL. 

Link to the Prerequisite Challenge form:


If you have questions please contact our Testing and Support Services office by email at or call Santa Rosa Campus 707-527-4305/ Petaluma Campus 707-778-3908